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All Guilds Meeting – August 2015

Unexpectedly filling in for Doobes, who was busy on his new job, Christian Walther presented another All Guilds Meeting. We have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs, and here’s the summary:

CAVCON Awareness Party and Cavern Talent Show

Maggie696, Snickuster and Patricio announced their plans for an event to raise awareness of the importance of donations to the CAVCON on October 10th, 13:00 KI time. Zeke365 expanded on a part of it that will be a talent show for those who are not afraid of the mic. They are looking for participants who would like to present skits, readings, comedy or anything else. Auditions will be held every Sunday from August 9th to September 13th from 17:00 to 19:00 KI time in the Cavern Events Hood, with additional more European-friendly times to be announced.

Fabulous Magical Treasure

Boywhith took the stage with an update from Mister Magic (Michel) about the translations of the Fabulous Magical Treasure game. In addition to English and French, German is done now and Dutch almost finished, while Italian has been started.

Gehn 22

Adam (Hoikas) from the Guild of Writers announced an imminent update of the Gehn Shard, bringing smoother avatar animations, many bug fixes, much faster launching, working Ayoheek, and more.


The CAVCON meter finished at 2.7 for the month of June, and for July was sitting at 2.3 as of the 10th. Don’t forget to donate if you can to get it up above 3.0 again and keep the cavern open!

The next All Guilds Meeting will take place on Saturday September 5th, hopefully with news from Mysterium in Boston next week!

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